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The Queer-Age Witch

Sharing radical self-love inspired by magic & alchemy. Offerings are crafted with love intended for seekers, artists, & the broken-hearted.



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"Enlightening. Inspirational. Warm-hearted... Her oracle card reading offered me guidance and reassurance into my life, even with all this uncertainty playing out in the world. Even over a Zoom call, Jasmine's presence is radiant and her calming demeanor and gentle character create an environment where you feel your most confident and best self."

Max // Los Angeles

"The Queer-Age Witch over-delivers. She brings you into her magical space with an open heart & an accessibility that makes this process fun for all humans. Even through the harder, more intense topics, she guides her clients with confidence & warmth, always helping you to find the deepest meaning of things. It's so clear from the moment you first connect that Jasmine has something completely special in her practice -- and she shares that with you openly. IF you even have the slightest curiosity about having a reading with her, do it. Her top-tier offerings are worth every penny. The work you do with her is truly: magic."

Sara // New York City

Looking for guidance? 

Seeking connection to your inner purpose?

Mending a broken heart?

Oracle Experiences are a fantastic way to seek guidance and deeper understanding!


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"Jasmine has one of the kindest hearts in the entire world. I've never done an oracle card reading before, but Jasmine walked me through the whole process and made sure I understood every step. She gave some of the best advice on how to continue to love myself during these unprecedented times. I learned more about myself than I have ever had."

Jake // Los Angeles

"I did a reading with Jasmine with no prior experience. No matter what your personal beliefs are there is something to take away for everyone. I made connections in my life through the reading that I never had before! It has given me so much hope and determination moving forward in my creative endeavors  and sparked me with the curiosity bug to learn more about the practice itself and myself as a human."

Shannon // Seattle

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Meet Jazz, The Queer-Age Witch.

Hiya! I'm Jazz.  I'm a virgo sun & sagittarius moon in a love affair with the moon and pacific ocean. I'm a witch, storyteller, chronically ill, and a bisexual. It is deeply important to me to hold space for artists, the chronically ill, ALL members of the LGBTQIA+ community , my BIPOC peers, and the neurodivergent & create an online presence that is safe, inclusive, and affirming. 

My work as a storyteller is interwoven with my practice because I believe radically honest & vulnerable truth-telling creates community, heals, empowers, and liberates ourselves and each other. I often incorporate art, archetypes, music, poetry, the hero's journey, and dance into my practice. 

I primarily practice divination, kitchen witchery, hearth & home magic, attitude alchemy, and radical self love. A few years after my first yoga teacher introduced me to the spiritual path of Bhakti Yoga I met my first Reiki master. She introduced me to spirit & attuned me to Reiki I. I'm a forever student of the universe and constantly studying my craft, cultivating my intuition, and loving myself (even when I don't want to.)

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