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I am in a passionate love affair with theatre; the big band, red curtains, jaw-dropping kick lines.... and the intimate relationship the music weaves with her audience, the way characters become liberated on stage breaking out into an explosion of song and dance because it's the only way.  Theatre seduced me with its ability to celebrate and criticize society, and captured me when I watched magic-makers dive into the brave unknown and open their hearts.  

I believe that storytelling is embedded into the pulse of society. It is both an escape and a conversation, a sacred experience and a time-capsule of humanity. Through storytelling I believe we create change, grow community, and dive deep into what it means to be human. 

I fell in love with storytelling and playing make-believe as a young child. My grandmother, an actress once-upon-a-time, would create mystical magical worlds with me, filled with pirates, fairies, and powerful queens who could banish monsters and save all the kitty-cats 

I am grateful to have studied musical theatre at Cornish College of the Arts, where I received my B.F.A. in May of 2019. While there I studied under magnificent theatre-makers and learned how to be a collaborator, a theatre generator, and an artist with an agenda.


While at Cornish I studied under Tinka Gutrick-Dailey, who acted as my constant mentor and inspiration. She has shared her mastery of the art form along with the deep history of musical theatre style dance-- its roots, its greatest champions, and its ability to profoundly shape a story.   


I am incredibly passionate and overwhelming enthusiastic about dance-- about thoughtful, intentional choreography and electric verve on stage. Choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, Agnes de Mille, Jack Cole, and Jerome Robbins stun me with their dynamism, specificity, and explosion of spirit.


I find myself gravitating towards roles that are highly comedic and bursting with charismatic exuberance.  I yearn to be as vivacious and effervescent as the blonde bombshells who came before me. I explore these strong types of women in my work as a burlesque performer under the name, Miss Lola California. My work as both a performer and producer in the burlesque has deeply changed how I work as a theatre-maker. My characters are more fully embodied, my dancing has flourished, and my relationship to the work has grown more curious & playful.

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