Miss Lola California 

Miss Lola California is Hollywood's Naughtiest Starlet. A Seattle based showgirl with a flare for being overly dramatic and overly flirtatious, Lola is a graduate of Cherry Manhattan neo-burlesque theory & performance, and founding member of the narrative burlesque theatre troupe, The Dirty Darlings. This blonde bombshell is downright fizzy about teasing & taunting her audiences, with performances grounded in the exploration of different, powerful archetypes.

Lola was last seen in Queerly Beloved's Spring Awakening: Sangre Neuva at Re-Bar. 

To learn more check out Lola's  instagram @misslolacalifornia

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Miss Lola California

I created this high femme, blonde bombshell who seduces & bewitches all with a knowing glimmer in her eye to remind her audience that she's the one in charge back in the Spring of 2017. 

I believe that burlesque is a political art form of liberation, rebellion, and divine sensuality. I aim to create work that dismantles the shame society gifted me and empowers not only myself, but my audience. My acts queer and explore archetypes and stereotypes and are supported by my training as a musical theatre artist.